Sunday, April 24, 2005

Something's in the Dr. Pepper

Employees can easily pass along sickness to other employees at work. If one person gets a cold everyone else will have it too i.e. the Stomach Virus Epidemic of January. Put it this way, Hardware needed to be quarantined. If you worked in that section for one day you at least had respiratory problems the next day. If two days, you were vomiting.

However now, we have a slightly different, yet similar problem. When I first started working at Sears there were 3 pregnant women. Within the last month we have a grand total of 7 pregnant women. I am not even with a guy yet I am a bit nervous about ending up #8. It's like there are sperm floating in the air! If I go to the bathroom are they going to fly in?!

Recently my fear has subsided thanks to pregnant woman #3. She told me quite firmly to stop drinking the Break Room Dr.Pepper.


Blogger sweet_sage said...

*rolls on the floor howling and crying with laughter* oh you just made my night! That's the funniest thing I've read all day!!! ...... ummm ... my advice? Keep your legs crossed and those little air-sperm won't have a chance! ;)

8:31 AM  
Blogger Gunnella said...

lol :-D It´s true though !! At one point in an office counting 18 women 8 of us were pregnant at one point ;-P First we thought it was the chair because the first two shared a chair, one working before lunch and the other after lunch ... but then it just spred ;-D

3:57 PM  

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